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Classes at Potter’s Wheel Music School

Our classes are individually tailored to the student. This is the benefit of personal one on one classes. We offer superior piano, voice, guitar and drum lessons for children and adults in San Antonio, Texas. Whether you are a parent seeking a great music school for your child or an adult wanting to learn to play the drums, you have come to the right place. Potter’s Wheel Music School offers private, weekly drums, guitar, piano and voice lessons in a clean, safe, and fun environment.

Our drum instructor Phil Dalmolin, is an iconic drummer in San Antonio with over 40-years live performance experience including the Dixie Chicks, Johnny Bush, Barbara Fairchild, Texas Unlimited Band and many others. Phil has been teaching drums lessons for over 20-years including 7-years at the Bulverde Academy of Music in San Antonio.

My 8 yr. old son is literally taking off with the drums under Mr. Phil’s instruction!! And my daughter is learning guitar at his school too. Great place to learn music no matter what age!Jeanne A.

Drum, Guitar, Piano and Voice lessons take place in a professional recording studio using two acoustic drum sets and choosing from hundreds of sound tracks minus drums. Lessons include all drums techniques and musical styles, playing side by side and taking moments to interject at the appropriate time. Soon enough, we will play together through entire tracks and develop flawless habits!

One major advantage of any type of music lessons is that it teaches our kids the basic principle of work = reward. You must make the time to develop skills that later others will admire. It builds great self esteem because they have achieved (through hard work) something that just anyone cannot do. Play an instrument and be cool! Even if they never choose to be a musician as a career, we’ve seen many make extra spending money entertaining people and being well paid and noticed for their efforts rather than a menial task job making minimum wage, while in high school or college. They can make at least $ as much as other teens and young adults on just the weekend, than working a part-time job at the hamburger joint or bookstore all week long! And be the coolest doing it!

Potter’s Wheel Drum Circle

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Simply put a drum circle or rhythm circle is a group of people from a few to many sitting with chairs arranged in a circle experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and percussion instruments. In such a situation, each person is able to express themselves through their individual instrument while simultaneously participating as part of a larger whole. Our groups can range from just a few people, up to a dozen individuals.

Why A Circle?

Besides having a great deal of fun, a drum circle can be very therapeutic. It teaches a sense of community where people can communicate with no words.


Just show up and play drums! We have a large collection of hand drums, shakers, wood blocks, gourds and many other simple drum instruments provided for you. Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own if you have it. We have several drum circle classes scheduled per week. Just call to find one convenient for you!

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